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Grease-free bearings are the optimal choice for the pulp and paper industry, where reliability is essential for continuous operation. Engineered with precision and durability, these bearings operate efficiently without the need for constant lubrication. Ideal for critical equipment such as paper machines, rollers, and pulpers, grease-free bearings ensure uninterrupted performance, reduce maintenance costs, and maximize productivity in pulp and paper mills.

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Experience reduced maintenance downtime and increased operational efficiency with our advanced grease-free bearing solutions tailored for industries. Our innovative designs prioritize durability, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance, ensuring sustained reliability and cost-effectiveness for your industrial processes.

Main applications for the pulp and paper industry

Grease-free bearings can serve various essential applications within the pulp and paper industry, where reliability and productivity are paramount. Here are some specific applications where grease-free bearings could be utilized:


Paper Machines: Bearings in paper machines support various rotating components, including rollers, cylinders, and dryer sections. Grease-free bearings can offer reliable performance in these critical areas, minimizing the risk of downtime and ensuring continuous production of high-quality paper products.

Rolling Mills: Bearings in rolling mills are subjected to heavy loads and high temperatures during the paper production process. Grease-free bearings can withstand these harsh conditions, providing long-lasting operation and reducing maintenance requirements in rolling and calendering equipment.

Pulping Equipment: Bearings in pulping equipment, such as pulpers and refiners, handle the processing of raw materials into pulp. Grease-free bearings can offer reliable performance in wet and abrasive environments, minimizing the risk of contamination and ensuring efficient pulp production.

Conveyor Systems: Bearings in conveyor systems transport raw materials, pulp, and finished paper products throughout the paper mill. Grease-free bearings can provide smooth and reliable operation in these high-demand applications, reducing maintenance costs and optimizing material handling efficiency.

Wood Processing Equipment: Bearings in wood processing equipment, including chippers, debarkers, and sawmills, support the heavy-duty processing of wood into pulp. Grease-free bearings can withstand the shock and vibration associated with wood processing, ensuring reliable operation and minimizing downtime.

Winding and Rewinding Machines: Bearings in winding and rewinding machines are essential for converting paper rolls into various sizes and formats. Grease-free bearings can offer precise and reliable performance in these critical processes, ensuring consistent product quality and minimizing waste.


By incorporating grease-free bearings into these critical applications, the pulp and paper industry can improve equipment reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and optimize overall operational efficiency in paper mills and production facilities.

our grease-free solutions for the industry


Stable and precise, with four bolt holes for secure mounting in a square pattern, ideal for applications requiring alignment accuracy.


Versatile and adjustable, holes in oval shape for easy accommodation of slight misalignments, perfect for limited setups.


Robust and supportive, with a rounded shape providing excellent bearing alignment and stability, commonly used in heavy-duty machinery.


Secure and adaptable, with offset holes for easy installation and alignment adjustments, suitable for various load-bearing setups.


Designed to compensate for shaft movement and tension variations, ideal for conveyor systems and belt drives.


Featuring threaded holes for direct mounting to surfaces, offering a compact solution for space-constrained applications.