Marine industry

Revolutionize your marine operations with grease-free bearings. Say goodbye to messy maintenance and hello to smoother sailing. Our advanced technology ensures optimal performance without the hassle of grease, providing reliability and efficiency even in the harshest marine environments. Upgrade to grease-free bearings and experience a new level of marine excellence.

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Experience reduced maintenance downtime and increased operational efficiency with our advanced grease-free bearing solutions tailored for industries. Our innovative designs prioritize durability, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance, ensuring sustained reliability and cost-effectiveness for your industrial processes.

Main applications for the marine industry

Grease-free bearings find versatile applications across the marine industry, offering reliability and efficiency in various critical functions:


Propulsion Systems: Grease-free bearings are ideal for propeller shafts, ensuring smooth rotation without the need for frequent maintenance, even in high-speed or heavy-duty applications.

Pumps and Valves: These bearings provide reliable support for pumps and valves, helping to maintain fluid flow and control mechanisms with minimal downtime and maintenance requirements.

Deck Machinery: From winches to cranes, grease-free bearings offer robust support for deck machinery, ensuring smooth operation under heavy loads and harsh weather conditions.

Steering Systems: In steering gear assemblies, grease-free bearings ensure precise and responsive control, enhancing the maneuverability and safety of vessels without the risk of lubricant leakage.

Thrusters and Rudders: Grease-free bearings provide dependable support for thrusters and rudders, enabling precise positioning and propulsion control without the need for frequent lubrication.

Cargo Handling Equipment: Bearings used in cargo handling equipment such as conveyor systems and hatch covers benefit from grease-free technology, reducing maintenance downtime and minimizing the risk of contamination in cargo areas.

Auxiliary Equipment: From generators to HVAC systems, grease-free bearings contribute to the reliable operation of various auxiliary equipment onboard vessels, ensuring uninterrupted functionality without the need for constant lubrication.


In summary, grease-free bearings offer a reliable solution for a wide range of applications in the marine industry, providing enhanced performance, reduced maintenance requirements, and increased operational efficiency for both commercial and recreational vessels.

our grease-free solutions for the industry


Stable and precise, with four bolt holes for secure mounting in a square pattern, ideal for applications requiring alignment accuracy.


Versatile and adjustable, holes in oval shape for easy accommodation of slight misalignments, perfect for limited setups.


Robust and supportive, with a rounded shape providing excellent bearing alignment and stability, commonly used in heavy-duty machinery.


Secure and adaptable, with offset holes for easy installation and alignment adjustments, suitable for various load-bearing setups.


Designed to compensate for shaft movement and tension variations, ideal for conveyor systems and belt drives.


Featuring threaded holes for direct mounting to surfaces, offering a compact solution for space-constrained applications.