In the cement industry, grease-free bearings provide durable and reliable solutions across various critical applications, including rotary kilns, grinding mills, conveyor systems, crushers, fans and blowers, and cooling towers. By incorporating grease-free bearings, cement plants can enhance operational efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and improve overall reliability.

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Experience reduced maintenance downtime and increased operational efficiency with our advanced grease-free bearing solutions tailored for industries. Our innovative designs prioritize durability, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance, ensuring sustained reliability and cost-effectiveness for your industrial processes.

Main applications for the cement industry

Rotary Kilns: Bearings in rotary kilns are exposed to high temperatures and abrasive conditions. Grease-free bearings can withstand these harsh environments, ensuring continuous operation and reducing maintenance needs.

Grinding Mills: Bearings in grinding mills are subjected to heavy loads and vibrations. Grease-free bearings can provide reliable performance under these conditions, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Conveyor Systems: Bearings in conveyor rollers and pulleys are exposed to dust, debris, and high loads. Grease-free bearings can offer long-lasting performance without the need for frequent lubrication, reducing maintenance requirements.

Crushers: Crushers are used to crush raw materials before they are fed into the kiln. Bearings in crusher equipment are subjected to heavy shock loads and contamination. Grease-free bearings can withstand these conditions, improving equipment reliability and uptime.

Fans and Blowers: Fans and blowers are essential for circulation and material transport in the cement plant. Bearings in fan shafts and impellers must operate efficiently under varying loads and speeds. Grease-free bearings can ensure smooth operation and reduce the risk of bearing failure, enhancing overall system performance.

Cooling Towers: Cooling towers are used to cool hot gases and materials in the cement production process. Bearings in cooling tower fans and drive systems are exposed to moisture, dust, and high temperatures. Grease-free bearings can provide reliable performance in these challenging environments, minimizing maintenance and downtime.


By incorporating grease-free bearings into these critical applications, cement plants can improve equipment reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and optimize overall operational efficiency.

our grease-free solutions for the industry


Stable and precise, with four bolt holes for secure mounting in a square pattern, ideal for applications requiring alignment accuracy.


Versatile and adjustable, holes in oval shape for easy accommodation of slight misalignments, perfect for limited setups.


Robust and supportive, with a rounded shape providing excellent bearing alignment and stability, commonly used in heavy-duty machinery.


Secure and adaptable, with offset holes for easy installation and alignment adjustments, suitable for various load-bearing setups.


Designed to compensate for shaft movement and tension variations, ideal for conveyor systems and belt drives.


Featuring threaded holes for direct mounting to surfaces, offering a compact solution for space-constrained applications.