About us

Welcome to POLEDRY. Established in the heart of Spain, we bring decades of expertise to the forefront of bearing manufacturing.

At POLEDRY, we pride ourselves not only on our exceptional products but also on our dedicated in-house engineering team. Our grease-free bearings are engineered to excel in a myriad of applications, offering superior performance, durability, and efficiency. Whether you’re in automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, or any other field requiring reliable motion control solutions, trust POLEDRY to deliver bearings that exceed expectations.

Experience the difference with POLEDRY – where innovation, quality, and expertise converge to drive your success.


Committed to your efficiency

Experience reduced maintenance downtime and increased operational efficiency with our advanced bearing solutions tailored for industries. Our designs prioritize durability, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance, ensuring sustained reliability and cost-effectiveness for your industrial processes.


ISO9001 certified company to ensure you are receiving the right product on time.


Our engineering team of experienced professionals is ready to assist you at every step.


Extensive range of supports and custom designs. We have the solution for your specific needs.


Our efficient logistics ensure that your valves reach you when you need them, minimizing downtime.


Count on us for reliable and durable solutions that perform consistently in demanding industrial environments.


Our own engineering team is in continuous work to improve and lead our cost-effective bearings

Crafted for optimal performance, these bearings eradicate the necessity for frequent greasing, slashing maintenance expenses and lessening environmental footprint. Encounter heightened efficiency and dependability, all while promoting a cleaner, more eco-conscious operation. Reach out now to unearth how our grease-free bearings can enhance your business performance.